Muscovy Ducks Full Grown (video)

It’s a little hard to believe that these ducks (drakes, if you look under the hood) were only hatched in late August. The video probably doesn’t do them justice when it comes to illustrating their enormous size.

Up next, pheasant? Turkey? Ostrich?

Round 2 of Ducklings

This is the hatch that never ends. Starting on Tuesday, the latest batch of ducklings started to emerge from their shells. The last two birds hatched last night during. If any more hatch I’d be surprised at this point in the game. Two of the birds needed some help hatching. I think that the low energy of some of the ducks may be a result of the higher humidity experienced while hatching the two early ducks. We lost a couple of ducklings mid-hatch as they didn’t have the energy to push themselves out of their shells, and we didn’t notice in time.

The six ducklings that made it are all the same species, muscovy, but have slightly different colourings which will still be as pronounced when they feather-out as adults. Don’t mind the blur in the below photos. I think the ducklings assumed I was filming a video, not taking a photo, so they kept dancing and moving about.

"No, no.  'Duck a l'Orange' mean we get oranges to eat!"

“No, no. ‘Duck a l’Orange’ means we get oranges to eat!”