Small victories for the suburban farmer

Very minor note, but all of our hens are finally laying in the designated nestbox. Not that it has a little sign or illustrations to help them understand, but it’s a dark, cozy, little spot that if I really had to, I’d probably pick to lay my eggs. We’ve had one bird who lays from atop the roost and just lets her eggs hit the floor in the run. Luckily, there is usually enough shavings underneath to soften the fall and we haven’t lost any eggs. But today for some reason, she put two and two together and realized that the little area with all the other eggs and golf balls (decoy eggs) in was the place to lay. I know not very exciting, but it’s now going to be much easier to collect eggs. All we have to do now is train them to put them in cartons and in the fridge.

Giant Egg!

Just got back from another trip to Home Depot (we managed to visit only two locations this time) and had a nice surprise waiting for me in the nestbox. The egg on the left is an average large egg and the one on the right is beyond extra-large:

To give you a better idea of size, the one on the left weighs in at 57g, while the bigger one is 89g! I used a digital scale to weigh the big one as it bottomed out our egg grading scale:

We’ve had a few abnormally large eggs before, but this specimen definitely is our best. I wonder if it will be a double or triple-yolker? I think the barred rock that laid it deserves a rest and maybe a medal.

All in lay!

Finally, all birds are in lay. We have been waiting for the last of the remaining three to start laying so that the investment of feed and time would pay off. Got to love their first few eggs. This one is a football (in shape, not size)! Sorry, no pic, an egg is an egg really.

Here’s a quick camera phone shot of an egg from each bird:

From left, Barred Rock, Red Sex Link & Columbian Rock (finally!)