Contents of the big egg

Couldn’t really wait to eat that 89g egg the barred rock laid yesterday, so when the chance presented itself (that chance being lunch) I dug in. It fried up perfectly, the yolk was a beautiful colour and runny. This is actually the best egg I’ve ever tasted! It looks like two eggs, but it’s actually just the one:

I think I need to clean that pan a little better around the handle next time.

Giant Egg!

Just got back from another trip to Home Depot (we managed to visit only two locations this time) and had a nice surprise waiting for me in the nestbox. The egg on the left is an average large egg and the one on the right is beyond extra-large:

To give you a better idea of size, the one on the left weighs in at 57g, while the bigger one is 89g! I used a digital scale to weigh the big one as it bottomed out our egg grading scale:

We’ve had a few abnormally large eggs before, but this specimen definitely is our best. I wonder if it will be a double or triple-yolker? I think the barred rock that laid it deserves a rest and maybe a medal.