New Trugs finally available!

It’s been a few years of work to get my trug designs just right, but now they’re finally available for sale through our Etsy store. We have two sizes available for now, small and large. The small one is great for collecting eggs or for any junior gardeners in your...Read More »

New Wild Bee Houses

Earlier this week I finished a new wild bee house design. After puttering about with a few different concepts, I’ve decided on this one.

It’s made from aircraft plywood, reeds and pine, held together with copper nails. The stain is a water-based, VOC-free solid colour. Now we wait to see...Read More »

Smoking & Curing Bacon

I’ve started smoking again. Smoking meats! After months of thinking about it, I finally did it. I made bacon.

Curing and smoking meat comes across as a difficult, time consuming task, sprinkled with a pinch of food poisoning. It’s not true. By following food safety rules and a few simple steps,...Read More »

Felt Planters

We like to grow a lot. To the point where we’re running out of space. I realized we needed to take advantage of the endless vertical space we seem to have. After some experimenting and research over the winter, I designed a felt planter to hang on our patio to grow...Read More »

Free Wheel Hoe Plans

Looking for our wheel hoe plans? They’ve moved to our new site Spade & Feather:


...Read More »

Home-made Wheel Hoe

***UPDATE: We’ve posted the plans for making the hoe here: ***

This year we are planting an extra 1500 sq ft of vegetables and to make the work a little easier, I did some research into non-powered tools for preparing, maintaining and harvesting the new field. The one tool that kept...Read More »

Chive Blossom Vinegar

This time of year the chives are growing well and sending up lots of scapes with flowers atop. We let ours grow in this year to add some colour to the herb garden. With such a bounty of flowers, I started to wonder what they could be used for. A...Read More »

Making a Sussex Trug

While watching Edwardian Farm, we noticed that they were using a really nice wood strip basket to collect fruit in. After looking all over the internet for what it was called, I found that it was a Sussex Trug. The design of the trug was developed over the last few...Read More »

Kitchen doors and cabinets are finally installed!

Last fall we started removing the kitchen on the main floor and began to set it up in the basement temporarily, while I finished building the cabinets and doors. The last few months have been nothing but thrilling! Washing dishes in the laundry sink, drying them on racks balanced on...Read More »

Finished Cheese Press

I’ve finished my cheese press. I gave up on Friday night and finished assembling it on Saturday. I constructed it from an old maple table we were throwing away at work so there are a few nail holes in some of the pieces (it’s what you’d expect from a table...Read More »