2014 Hot Pepper Plants for sale

We are selling more hot pepper seedlings this year! Each plant is grown from an American seed supplier that specialized in the world’s hottest peppers so we can guarantee  the plants are from the best stock. Each plant is in a 4″ pot and were started back in January/February to...Read More »

Felt Planters

We like to grow a lot. To the point where we’re running out of space. I realized we needed to take advantage of the endless vertical space we seem to have. After some experimenting and research over the winter, I designed a felt planter to hang on our patio to grow...Read More »

Canning Garlic Scapes

Back in the fall we planted about 300 hundred hardneck garlic and they’ve been nothing but happy. They are so happy, that they’ve decided to shoot up scapes for us! A scape, in case you’re wondering, is the delicious stem and seed pod that is often overlooked as an edible...Read More »

Hops growing tips

I wrote this for someone I sold some hops rhizomes as a quick how to grow hops. Thought  I should post to share with any other growers out there.

  1. Plant hops in well draining soil. Use some sand to aid in drainage.
  2. Plant 1 1/2″ deep. I prefer horizontally.
  3. Keep hops well watered...Read More »

Plant Sale Update

We still have some of each hot pepper variety and lots of sweet potato vines left, but we are down to our last Chinook hop rhizome. If you were interested in the hops, hop to it.

3 thoughts on “Growing

  1. Where did you get the mesh to cover your garden to prevent the squirrels (& wabbits) from eating the “fruits” of your labour? And, how do you set it up so that you can easily access the garden, to work on it?
    Enjoyed your posts!

    • The mesh is from rona. Since the garlic was getting taller, I had to put on a different frame with a plastic mesh that I bought at dollarama. I’ll post a pic this week to show you. I also place out plastic crows I bought at Halloween. I just have to make sure they aren’t within view of the hens as they start squaking and losing their minds.

  2. I loved the picture of your mushrooms growing! They are adorable! I cannot wait to eat a funghi pizza this summer! Yummy!