Cheese Making

Great Canadian Cheese Festival

Very last minute, like most things in my life, we decided to visit the Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton, ON ( Completely worth it!

The entrance is $35 in advance, which gets you into the grounds and a cooler bag with lots of bits and pieces inside including a...Read More »

We couldn't resist....we ate a cheese!

Looking at those lovely red cheeses ageing made us salivate every time we opened the fridge, and as we wanted a quick and dirty dinner, we gave in. Best decision of the day.

We both sat in the kitchen with our spread of jalapeño jelly, crackers, bubbly cider and of course, young cheddar. Nice sharp...Read More »

Waxed cheddars!

Sorry I’ve been a little sparse with my posting. My computer burnt itself out (sounded a lot like a jet engine falling from the sky) and work has been way too busy to even attempt taking 10 minutes to post.

But never mind all of that. The cheddars have been waxed!...Read More »

New cheese making book!

To get out of the office at lunch, we tend to gravitate towards Chapters for something to do. After making fun of gourmet bird seed, stealing “Heather’s Pick” stickers, and getting staff there to open high-end taffy for us to sample, one of us usually ends up looking at an...Read More »

Finished feta

This will be a short post as not much has really gone on today that was very interesting. Although to be fair, the cat was so unhappy about having her claws trimmed that she left a smelly little mess down the front of my sweater. Still not interesting, but...Read More »

Feta Part II

After the feta was hung (Part I), I lined two molds with cheesecloth, salted the curds and spooned it in their new resting place for the next 16 hours, some new square molds I picked up. I was able to load both molds at once in...Read More »

Feta Part I

I won’t go into too many details in this post as it is very similar to the cheddar cheese making process. For feta cheese, you add plain Greek yogurt containing active bacteria cultures to inoculate, rather than buttermilk. The other difference is that the cat stayed away for most of...Read More »

Cheddar cheese! No whey! Yes whey! Part I

I posted last week about a mozzarella I made with Junket rennet and homogenized milk from the grocery store. This time I decided to take the plunge into making a hard cheese. The recipe I followed actually comes with the Junket rennet and it’s quite easy to...Read More »

Finished Cheese Press

I’ve finished my cheese press. I gave up on Friday night and finished assembling it on Saturday. I constructed it from an old maple table we were throwing away at work so there are a few nail holes in some of the pieces (it’s what you’d expect from a table...Read More »

Homemade Mozzarella

I was going to post some pictures of the cheese press I’m making, but while assembling, things went pear-shaped and I’m reconstructing today.

So to make up for it, I thought I’d write about some mozzarella I made a couple of weeks ago. This is a really simple recipe that you...Read More »