Kitchen doors and cabinets are finally installed!

Last fall we started removing the kitchen on the main floor and began to set it up in the basement temporarily, while I finished building the cabinets and doors. The last few months have been nothing but thrilling! Washing dishes in the laundry sink, drying them on racks balanced on the washer and dryer in the poorest lit room ever built. As soon as the washer enters the spin cycle, the house shakes and you feel as though a helicopter is taking off in the basement with a box of glasses and dishes balancing on its landing skids. Somehow we’ve managed to not lose a single dish to our vibrating washer.

But the fun doesn’t end with the dishes! No! There’s also the pure joy of preparing food on a counter top with no sink. Not only is the sink missing, but it’s left behind a huge void in the counter that we cleverly covered over with a melange of cutting boards and strategically placed cardboard. Without this puzzle of wood and card, everything would fall into the waiting garbage bin that resides below the opening.

Luckily, these titillating experiences are about to end. I’ve finally installed the last of the doors and cabinets. We now have an almost complete kitchen. We’ve ordered our counter top and it’s on its way very soon, but I won’t hold my breath. Once in, I can do the finishing work of painting the doors, trimming out and then my better half will put her tiling skills to use on the back splash. I feel a huge relief to have everything installed, and I’m really looking forward to not living in the dungeon that is our basement. We will have a sink in our counter, a dishwasher, microwave and a new gas cooker. All mod cons on one level in one room! What a novelty!

The kitchen looking from the eating area

The kitchen looking from the living room. We removed a wall to open up the kitchen and to allow us to interact with people in the living room more easily.

This is our favourite part of the kitchen; an 89" pantry cabinet. Maximizing storage at its best!

After reading the above, you probably understand why “Long Suffering Wife” isn’t a name given to my partner, but one she has earned over a series of months watching me slowly assemble our dream kitchen.