New Quail Hatch

We have a new hatch of coturnix quail that started yesterday. We are selling chicks for $2/each on a first come first served basis. There will be another hatch in 3 weeks with more available.

"One, two, moving!"

“One, two, three….er…stop moving!”

Quail Eggs for sale

We finally have our breeders and layers happily providing us with eggs. We’ve moved them indoors into “the barn” where they get all the light, heat, food and water they desire. As delicious as their eggs are, we can only eat so many. We are at 4 dozen a week and will soon (January) be at maximum capacity of 220 eggs per week. We are offering eating quail eggs at $4.00/dozen or $7 for two dozen, and $10/dozen hatching eggs.

Eating eggs are available every day of the week, but hatching eggs must be ordered at least 5 days in advance. If you’re interested contact us, or txt me. For those who don’t know, we are located in north west Toronto but can do pick ups in Hamilton as well.

After Christmas we will also have live quail for sale from day olds, up to 6 week olds.

New Quail Coop

I’ve just finished a new quail coop design for the backyard aviculturalist. Quail like all birds need a nice space to keep them laying so I designed this one for just that.


Coturnix quail are essentially the low maintenace backyard egg layers. No early mornings, no noise, just nice little eggs once a day from each bird.

quailcoop1 quailcoop7


I put the listing up on etsy here is anyone is interested. Even if you’re not a quail person, a rabbit will also fit nicely in one of these or even a small child that you’re fed up with.

Egg comparison

I was lucky enough today to be given four turkey eggs from our friend E. They are beautiful eggs and we can’t wait to eat them. Seeing as we have eggs from quail, chickens, button quail and now turkey, I thought I’d post a quick photo for comparison.


Quail eggs for sale


Our quail hens are happily laying fresh eggs daily now on a diet of seeds and crumb. We’ve reached the point of saturation, so after multiple requests, the eggs are for sale. $5/doz, $9/2 doz, pick up or drop off when we see you (work, etc). We have cartons, but to be friendly to the Earth, reuse your old chicken egg cartons if you can.

Email me to place an order


Quail bet results and quail chick video

We can’t say the hatch results were stellar, but they are what they are. So in total we had six chicks hatch which means RP & BT were the closest, and as a result, the winners. Congrats! Your winnings are on their way. As a consolation prize for all the losers (we’re in that boat too), a video of the week old quail chicks. (0:16 is the best part)

Button Quail Chick Photos

We are still sitting at four chicks hatched. Apparently, button quail are notorious for taking their sweet time hatching. In the meantime, we moved the chicks over to their new home from the incubator and started them on food and water as their internal yolk sacks are almost spent. Even though we were only dealing with four chicks, it was incredibly hard to contain them! We almost lost one off the side of the desk when he decided to do a runner.

All happy and safe in their new brooder, we took some pictures. Below you’ll see how unbelievably small they really are! You’re essentially looking at birds the size of bumblebees!

Four different coloured chicks will give us four different coloured adults. The colours do not denote sex.

Four different coloured chicks will give us four different coloured adults. The colours do not denote sex.


Single chick, most likely red breasted colouring.

Quail Hatching Results

To keep track of who is in the lead/how many have hatched, we’ll be updating the list below. To answer a couple of people’s questions, we will not unplug the incubator once we have reached your number.

Family/Friend   –   Co-workers

  2. Current hatch count
  3.      – BT
  4. RP – ML
  5. RP
  6.      – EH
  7. C
  8. SAP
  9. MA – PB
  10. PR
  11.      – KK
  12. JD – DP
  13. EC – AD
  14. AMD – GM
  15. AD – DW
  16. MR – KK
  17. LD – BT
  18.      – OC
  19. BR
  20. SP – EH
  21. DP
  22.      – DP
  23. FD
  24. DP


Hatching has begun!

Just got in to find the first button quail chick has hatched! So far, no winners. Still early days. I’ll keep you posted.

We are on chick number two! Hopefully there will be many more tomorrow morning!

Our total is at 3 chicks now. It’s been a very slow hatch and we expect many more to come!