Hops growing tips

I wrote this for someone I sold some hops rhizomes as a quick how to grow hops. Thought  I should post to share with any other growers out there.

  1. Plant hops in well draining soil. Use some sand to aid in drainage.
  2. Plant 1 1/2″ deep. I prefer horizontally.
  3. Keep hops well watered...Read More »

Summer Solstice 2012 Cider Showdown Results

On Saturday we held the Summer Solstice Cider Showdown. Three competitors entered their home-brewed cider and many attended to take advantage of the drinks and food on offer.

The winner by a landslide was G-Ram with his deliciously sweet Maple Honey Cider. When he bottled his brew he added not only...Read More »

Dandelion Petal Cordial

When you look at any grassy area, you’ll notice the sea of yellow dandelions. Since the provincial government banned many of the harmful weed killing treatments, these flowers have popped up everywhere. I guess you could say they are growing like weeds.

Don’t despair if your lawn looks a lot like...Read More »

Summer Solstice Mead

Most likely the first alcoholic beverage ever consumed by humans was mead. Many experts believe that mead wasn’t create by our ancestors, but instead discovered. As mead is essentially fermented watered-down honey, it would occur naturally when honey deposits found in hollow trees were flooded with rain and the yeast...Read More »

Summer Solstice 2012 Cider Showdown

I know there are a few readers on here that have been making their own cider as well, and I think that we should all put our brews to the test. This Summer Solstice, June 20th, I think we should all meet and have a showdown to blind taste-test each others...Read More »

Good Friday for cider

I’ve been looking forward to today all week. A day off from work, and a day that I pledged to not work on home renovations. Instead, it has been a day of cheese and cider. After the chickens were let out, I went back in to check on the milk...Read More »

Turbo Cider (the alcoholic type, not the kid stuff)

After a disappointing apple crop last year, when it came to making cider, we were stuck having to make other arrangements for the juice. Home Brewing by Kevin Forbes (Chapters discount area, but I don’t see why it is) has a pretty good recipe for making Turbo Cider which is...Read More »