Animal Husbandry

Spring Chicks

Sadly these aren’t our chicks, but my parents’. We only get to visit them, not raise them. They are Basque chickens originally from Spain, but now are slowly becoming a favourite of many Canadian farmers. They are only 2-ish weeks old so there is no way of sexing them, but...Read More »

New Quail Hatch

We have a new hatch of coturnix quail that started yesterday. We are selling chicks for $2/each on a first come first served basis. There will be another hatch in 3 weeks with more available.

“One, two, three….er…stop moving!”

Beatrix (the rabbit) and her litter

We’ve called off social services. It seems that Beatrix, our breeding doe, has reformed her ways and decided on a parenting style that doesn’t include neglecting her kits. She lost one set in October and miscarried in November, so we’re pretty excited to finally see the product of Rex’s (the...Read More »

Newest farm member

Back in December, during some of the busiest times this house has seen, we adopted a shelter dog. He came with the name Tristan (a reference from James Herriot) but we quickly changed it to Basil (more herb than Fawlty Towers).

He was rescued from the Six Nation reserve where he...Read More »

Quail Eggs for sale

We finally have our breeders and layers happily providing us with eggs. We’ve moved them indoors into “the barn” where they get all the light, heat, food and water they desire. As delicious as their eggs are, we can only eat so many. We are at 4 dozen a week...Read More »

Muscovy Ducks Full Grown (video)

It’s a little hard to believe that these ducks (drakes, if you look under the hood) were only hatched in late August. The video probably doesn’t do them justice when it comes to illustrating their enormous size.

Up next, pheasant?...Read More »

Free eggs!

Even with the cooler nights and shorter days, we have shed loads of eggs! If anyone wants a whole or half dozen, text me and you can come by this week to grab some. I think we have at least 3 dozen extra right now.

Rabbit Litter Photo

Edit: sadly we lost the litter to the cold last night. 30 more days for the next litter now.

When a doe has first kindled, you have to be careful she doesn’t spook. If she does, she may eat her young as a defence mechanism. I guess she thinks it’s safer...Read More »

Cat & Mouse

The cat always brings her victims back to the house and parades them around to show off her victories over the local birds and mammals. Most of the times the birds are still alive so we expedite the suffering and give the cat the now dead “toy” back. Yesterday she...Read More »

Muscovy Ducklings First Swim

Just a quick video of the ducklings enjoying a swim in the afternoon heat.

...Read More »

Round 2 of Ducklings

This is the hatch that never ends. Starting on Tuesday, the latest batch of ducklings started to emerge from their shells. The last two birds hatched last night during. If any more hatch I’d be surprised at this point in the game. Two of the birds needed some help hatching....Read More »

Ducklings are no more

The two ducklings we hatched on Sunday are no longer with us. They are now at the cemetery. But luckily they’re not dead, they are actually going to be working at a cemetery keeping flies down and slugs off the plants around the graves.

Next week we will have more hatched...Read More »

The Ducklings have hatched!

In semi-secrecy we’ve been incubating two dozen duck eggs. Really the only people we were keeping a secret from were my parents. They didn’t know we were hatching duck, and more importantly that the birds would be living at their house for the few weeks we were fattening them up.

On...Read More »

New Quail Coop

I’ve just finished a new quail coop design for the backyard aviculturalist. Quail like all birds need a nice space to keep them laying so I designed this one for just that.

Coturnix quail are essentially the low maintenace backyard egg layers. No early mornings, no noise, just nice little...Read More »

Our doe has arrived!

We just got back from Guelph where we picked up our first doe. She’s a white New Zealand and she’s had 4 litters to date. Once we get our buck, we’ll let nature take it’s course and kits will be soon to follow.

It’s been a loooooong winter/spring without chickens. We got out of chickens back in the fall and focussed on quail over the winter. Now with a happy covey of coturnix quail outside laying, and a few button quail left indoors ready for sale, we decided on getting four more pullets....Read More »

Egg comparison

I was lucky enough today to be given four turkey eggs from our friend E. They are beautiful eggs and we can’t wait to eat them. Seeing as we have eggs from quail, chickens, button quail and now turkey, I thought I’d post a quick photo for comparison.

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Keep on laying!

...Read More »

Quail eggs for sale

Our quail hens are happily laying fresh eggs daily now on a diet of seeds and crumb. We’ve reached the point of saturation, so after multiple requests, the eggs are for sale. $5/doz, $9/2 doz, pick up or drop off when we see you (work, etc). We have cartons, but...Read More »

Happy Easter!

...Read More »

Quail bet results and quail chick video

We can’t say the hatch results were stellar, but they are what they are. So in total we had six chicks hatch which means RP & BT were the closest, and as a result, the winners. Congrats! Your winnings are on their way. As a consolation prize for all the...Read More »

Button Quail Chick Photos

We are still sitting at four chicks hatched. Apparently, button quail are notorious for taking their sweet time hatching. In the meantime, we moved the chicks over to their new home from the incubator and started them on food and water as their internal yolk sacks are almost spent. Even...Read More »

Quail Hatching Results

To keep track of who is in the lead/how many have hatched, we’ll be updating the list below. To answer a couple of people’s questions, we will not unplug the incubator once we have reached your number.

Family/Friend   –   Co-workers

  2. Current hatch count
  3.      – BT
  4. RP...Read More »

Hatching has begun!

Just got in to find the first button quail chick has hatched! So far, no winners. Still early days. I’ll keep you posted.

We are on chick number two! Hopefully there will be many more tomorrow morning!

Our total is at 3 chicks now. It’s been a very slow hatch and we...Read More »

Button Quail Prizes

To add to the fun, the winners of the quail bets will also receive a dozen quail eggs (for eating, not hatching) and their choice of either a bottle of home-made Irish cream liqueur or 6 bottles of home-made stout on top of the cash takings.

With hatching to begin in a week, there isn’t...Read More »

Button quail incubation has begun!

On Thursday, 36 Chinese button quail eggs arrived at the door. We had them shipped from a breeder in Alberta who carefully packed up each egg in a Fort Knox of foam. Luckily they arrived on a day when the temperature was above zero so the eggs stayed warm.

It’s a...Read More »

Quail Hatching Round 3

After the success of the last quail wagering, we are running it again! This time we’re hatching Button Quail. These quail aren’t normally table fare, but instead are kept as pets for their ease of keeping and for their song. On Feb 28th we will be setting 36 eggs in...Read More »

Quail Hatch Wagers

***8 chicks in total hatched, leaving J with the pot of $34!

In the spirit of good fun & some fortune, we started a little Quail Hatching Pool. 18 days ago I placed 22 eggs into the incubator that our first batch of quails laid. With there being no way of...Read More »

Christmas Quail Hatch Totals

It looks like we’ve come to the end of the hatch now. In total we had 16 out of 40 hatch. Not very good results. Once I’ve let the eggs go cold, I’ll do another necropsy and see if the left over eggs were even fertile.

We’ll post some photos later...Read More »

Christmas Came Early!

I’d just come back inside from dispatching our 5 Christmas quail, when I noticed some of the eggs in the incubator look to have been moved. Amongst the eggs were 5 newly hatched chicks! It’s almost like the quail replenish their stock immediately.

More to come later when we get a...Read More »

3 week old quail

Posted from a phone most likely outside

...Read More »

New Quail Eggs in the Incubator!

I’ve read many times that hatching eggs is like a drug. Never been on a drug that made me  want to raise my own food, but hatching is definitely addictive! I picked up another 40 hatching coturnix eggs last night. Eventually our own birds should go into lay so I...Read More »

1 week old Quail Chicks

It’s been about a week since the quail hatched and in such a short time they have already started to feather out and gain a lot of weight. They are all in a bigger brooder box on wood shavings. If you introduce wood shavings too soon, they eat it and...Read More »

How to float test quail eggs

Well it’s been 21 days and any chicks that should have hatched should be out by now. Before we start the scrambled eggs, I wanted to make sure that we are right to give up on the eggs left.

The best way, at this point in time, to see if the...Read More »

Quail Hatching Day 20

After break of about 24hrs, we’ve just had number 11 hatch!

...Read More »

Quail Chick Video

I’ve uploaded a quick video of the chicks. They range in age from 2-18hrs. We have 10 hatched so far of the 30 so we are hoping to get quite a few more.

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