2014 Hot Pepper Plants for sale

We are selling more hot pepper seedlings this year! Each plant is grown from an American seed supplier that specialized in the world’s hottest peppers so we can guarantee  the plants are from the best stock. Each plant is in a 4″ pot and were started back in January/February to ensure they are a good size for the spring.


Right now, only the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers (hottest available in Canada) are available. In the next few weeks, we will also have limited numbers of Purple Jalapeños, White Yucatan Habaneros and some Bhut Jolokia (non-Canadian greenhouse strain).

Plants are $10 each or 3 for $25. We also have hot sauce bottles with caps in drip inserts for $12/doz or $10/doz with the purchase of plants.

For anyone needing fertilizer, I have bags of rabbit/quail manure that was rotted over the winter and ready to be worked into the garden. Come pick up your $hit free of charge.

Spring Chicks

Sadly these aren’t our chicks, but my parents’. We only get to visit them, not raise them. They are Basque chickens originally from Spain, but now are slowly becoming a favourite of many Canadian farmers. They are only 2-ish weeks old so there is no way of sexing them, but hopefully the hens outnumber the cockerels otherwise it’s going to be a very loud summer.

First day outside and very confused.

The chick isn’t that heavy, it’s all the bling!

These tiny little bits of fluff and feathers are INCREDIBLY loud. It’s actually kind of ear piercing when they start up as a chorus. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of an all male group or we’ll be eating capon all summer.

New Wild Bee Houses

Earlier this week I finished a new wild bee house design. After puttering about with a few different concepts, I’ve decided on this one.

greenbeehouse2It’s made from aircraft plywood, reeds and pine, held together with copper nails. The stain is a water-based, VOC-free solid colour. Now we wait to see what bees and bugs come to take up shop in our garden!

This design, as well as a version without a finish are available through our Etsy store: