New Quail Coop

I’ve just finished a new quail coop design for the backyard aviculturalist. Quail like all birds need a nice space to keep them laying so I designed this one for just that.


Coturnix quail are essentially the low maintenace backyard egg layers. No early mornings, no noise, just nice little eggs once a day from each bird.

quailcoop1 quailcoop7


I put the listing up on etsy here is anyone is interested. Even if you’re not a quail person, a rabbit will also fit nicely in one of these or even a small child that you’re fed up with.

One thought on “New Quail Coop

  1. I really do like the design of the quail coop as it is compact, simple to make and can be readily moved around the garden.The nine chickens we now have are like Coturnix quail – No early mornings, no noise, low maintenance. However, we are yet to receive the nice eggs once a day from each bird.