Hops growing tips

I wrote this for someone I sold some hops rhizomes as a quick how to grow hops. Thought  I should post to share with any other growers out there.

  1. Plant hops in well draining soil. Use some sand to aid in drainage.
  2. Plant 1 1/2″ deep. I prefer horizontally.
  3. Keep hops well watered but not drowned. Deep watering is best.
  4. Never water foliage as this can promote fungus like powdery mildew. If this happens, use an organic sulphur powder directly on the leaves (follow the directions of the product for best results).
  5. Hops should be ready late August or early September. To harvest, cut bines from your lines and slowly work your way from one end to the other CUTTING off the hops as you go. It’s best to harvest on a warm overcast afternoon. Don’t harvest in the morning as your plants will be heavy with dew.
  6. In year one, run two lines with two bines on each. Year two, run four lines, with up to three bines per line.
  7. Use a line that will not degrade in the sun and can take minimum 50lbs of strain. Snapped lines are upsetting.
  8. Cut off diseased or dying leaves as you spot them.
  9. Use a dog leash screw to hold your lines firm to the ground. Dollar stores have them cheapest.
  10. Your plants can live about two years in a large pot, or definitely in open bottom containers.
  11. Hops like to be fed. Fertilize often. I prefer organic only, but that’s up to you. If you go with organic, fish emulsion works well as does cold manure (alpaca and rabbit turds).