Hot Pepper & Sweet Potato Plants

Before I open up sales to the general pop, I thought I would post on here first. We have pepper plants in 3″ pots available that are from American grown seeds in isolation to avoid cross pollination. All plants have been grown using organic feed only. We started the plants back in February as most hot peppers take a long time to sprout (up to 12 weeks). Varieties available are:

Hot Peppers


Moruga Scorpions (hottest peppers in the world)

Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost peppers (former record holder)

Yucatan White Habanero (jelly bean sized spicy peppers)
Peter peppers (tasty, but mainly grown for novelty)

Each plant is $10 or 3 for $25.

We also have sweet potato slips ready to plant. Each slip was produced from a Canadian grown sweet potato. The slips were started back in March. They have been removed from their mothers and have fully formed roots. We have not used any feed on these plants, just fresh clean water. Each slip will product large flowing vines and multiple edible sweet potatoes.


Each slip is $3 or 2 for $5.

Last, but not least, we are splitting our hop rhizomes up since they’ve gone bananas this year. Hop vines grow up to 30′ tall and need support from a fence, trellis or line. Ours reached nearly 20′ last year and we had a good crop off the plants. Our rhizomes are organic and they have never seen any chemicals. We are offering Chinook and Willamette varieties. Each rhizome is $10. We are only offering 2 rhizomes of each variety, so be quick.

You can pick up plants at our house or we can make arrangements as we are all over from Hamilton to downtown Toronto to meet up with you. It’s first come, first served.

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