Indoor plant gallery

With a broken right hand (table saw attack, I lost), things have been a little slow moving in the garden outside. Doing everything one-handed is a little less precise as well (see poorly taken photos below). Even though I’m out of the game for a couple more weeks, it hasn’t stopped all of the indoors plants from going bananas (literally in one case). All of our seedlings are doing well, but they aren’t nearly as interesting as the below plants.

Something we grow an ornamental variety of every year is sweet potato. As tempting as the psychedelic tubers were to eat, our flower beds weren’t organic until this year and I think we would have stood a better chance of poisoning ourselves from fertilizer build up than getting high. This year we’ll be planting these edibles with the flowers for a late season harvest.

As sweet potato slips can be hard to find, I started our own in February by suspending some half tubers with skewers in jars of water. After a few weeks in a sunny window they produced some eyes which quickly grew into leafy slip vines once we transferred them to an artificial light environment.sweet potato Another interesting plant that I’ve failed at growing many times in the past is the pineapple. After some more trial and error and error and error, I found a way to get them rooting and growing. Although the below plant looks like it’s dying, it’s just the old growth dying back while more fresh leaves push out from the centre. Within 24-36 months, fingers crossed, we’ll have a couple of pineapple fruit. I think that we’ll have to hold a pineapple party for all the locavores to taste what they’ve been missing.pineapple

The next photo is a little hard to understand at first. At Christmas I was given a mushroom growing kit in a box. With the winter being so dry, it was impossible to keep the spores damp enough to grow, so we just left them. Now with the moist spring here, they’ve been growing really well.


Last fall I cut back our raspberry bushes and in my laziness, I left the cuttings where they fell, for the winter. Last weekend I started cleaning the garden and noticed that the cuttings, which were sitting on the ground, had green buds and cores. I cut them to manageable lengths and potted them. So far so good. raspberries Probably the best plant we have growing right now is our banana tree! This was a gift from my mother a few weeks ago that has almost doubled in height. Once the weather cheers up a bit, we are going to transplant this -25°C hardy plant right in the garden. Again, if we get bananas, we are having a party. Bring your monkey.banana


Quail eggs for sale


Our quail hens are happily laying fresh eggs daily now on a diet of seeds and crumb. We’ve reached the point of saturation, so after multiple requests, the eggs are for sale. $5/doz, $9/2 doz, pick up or drop off when we see you (work, etc). We have cartons, but to be friendly to the Earth, reuse your old chicken egg cartons if you can.

Email me to place an order