1 week old Quail Chicks

It’s been about a week since the quail hatched and in such a short time they have already started to feather out and gain a lot of weight. They are all in a bigger brooder box on wood shavings. If you introduce wood shavings too soon, they eat it and get sick.

In their new home with a poop proof floor!

Watching their growth over a 12 hr period is amazing. The one day before work they didn’t have any feathers, and that evening they had pin feathered wings! Here is one of the Jumbo Goldens with his or hers (still a mystery) new feathers.

The serious look on his face is from him trying to pinch one off in my hand.

At some point this week I’m going to be picking up an additional 60 hatching eggs which, if I time it right, will start to hatch on Christmas Day! Move over Jesus, you’re sharing your birthday.

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