Christmas Quail Hatch Totals

It looks like we’ve come to the end of the hatch now. In total we had 16 out of 40 hatch. Not very good results. Once I’ve let the eggs go cold, I’ll do another necropsy and see if the left over eggs were even fertile.

We’ll post some photos later of the 4 1/2 week old chicks next to the new ones.


Christmas Came Early!

I’d just come back inside from dispatching our 5 Christmas quail, when I noticed some of the eggs in the incubator look to have been moved. Amongst the eggs were 5 newly hatched chicks! It’s almost like the quail replenish their stock immediately.

More to come later when we get a chance to sit down at a computer.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and remember to eat, eat, eat and be merry!

New Quail Eggs in the Incubator!

I’ve read many times that hatching eggs is like a drug. Never been on a drug that made me  want to raise my own food, but hatching is definitely addictive! I picked up another 40 hatching coturnix eggs last night. Eventually our own birds should go into lay so I won’t need to rely on the breeder as much. All 40 are now in the incubator and within 18 days we’ll have another batch of chicks (hopefully with better results than last time).

On a side note, I’ve also picked up two Chinese Button Quail. If all works out, I’ll breed them as well. Due to their size, they make great pets and not great meals.

1 week old Quail Chicks

It’s been about a week since the quail hatched and in such a short time they have already started to feather out and gain a lot of weight. They are all in a bigger brooder box on wood shavings. If you introduce wood shavings too soon, they eat it and get sick.

In their new home with a poop proof floor!

Watching their growth over a 12 hr period is amazing. The one day before work they didn’t have any feathers, and that evening they had pin feathered wings! Here is one of the Jumbo Goldens with his or hers (still a mystery) new feathers.

The serious look on his face is from him trying to pinch one off in my hand.

At some point this week I’m going to be picking up an additional 60 hatching eggs which, if I time it right, will start to hatch on Christmas Day! Move over Jesus, you’re sharing your birthday.