As of this morning at about 6.30, we are chickenless. Both remaining birds were attacked by a sex-link we had and had lost feathers in the process. The one bird grew everything back fine, but the other didn’t and got into a habit of picking herself. With a bare rump, she wouldn’t have made it through the winter, so she was dispatched along with her pal the white columbia.

Now the search is on for new birds, or we may wait until spring and get some eggs to hatch for our flock in our new incubator (apparently arriving by UPS today!).


Over the weekend we picked up 8 Jumbo Quail. These are the trial birds that we are keeping to see how they are to maintain, how they taste, and how many eggs they produce. If these 8 birds pass the test, we are going to start raising chicks. I’ll post more information/photos later once they’ve settled in to their new home, and on Saturday, our stomachs.

Jumbo Coturnix