Dove Update

Last Friday I was working from home and decided to release the dove that the cat decided to attack. A friend of ours was nice enough to bring us a proper cage the weekend before to keep it in. After a week of fattening it up for either release or dinner, it looked more likely to be enjoying a slightly less barbecued life. The only issue it seemed to struggle with after a week was an eye that was swollen shut. The cat must have swiped it across its face during their “game”. The winking eye helped solidify a name for the bird though: semi-colon.

Back to the release. I put the cage outside, opened the door and sort of expected it to peel out and race up to the skies. Nothing of the sort. It sat in the doorway for about twenty minutes and then decided to go back in for some food and water. Another hour or so later and it was in the garden flapping about and it eventually flapped its way out of our lives.

So there is either a winking mourning dove flying around our neighbourhood, or a satisfied cat that attacked one from its left side.

****Forgot to post this earlier. For anyone interested in cooking up some mourning doves, here is a really tasty looking recipe: