Summer Solstice 2012 Cider Showdown Results

On Saturday we held the Summer Solstice Cider Showdown. Three competitors entered their home-brewed cider and many attended to take advantage of the drinks and food on offer.

The winner by a landslide was G-Ram with his deliciously sweet Maple Honey Cider. When he bottled his brew he added not only the required priming sugar, but maple syrup and honey. Somehow he was able to move the bottles without them exploding. When I went to pour them out it was like opening bottles of super-charged champagne! Congrats to G-Ram who walked away with some mayo and fresh eggs, all supplied by the hens. They didn’t make the mayo or package the eggs, but they did lay the main ingredients.

Other notable tastes of the night were LSW’s chicken wings and pizza, Jon’s rum brownies and Mike’s quinoa salad!

Looking forward to next year’s showdown, but if I don’t win next year, I’m not doing it again.