We couldn’t resist….we ate a cheese!

Looking at those lovely red cheeses ageing made us salivate every time we opened the fridge, and as we wanted a quick and dirty dinner, we gave in. Best decision of the day.

We both sat in the kitchen with our spread of jalapeño jelly, crackers, bubbly cider and of course, young cheddar. Nice sharp knife did the trick of lobbing off the first chunk. As the cheese was made with whole milk, each stroke of the knife pulled up and left behind a smear of the soft creamy heart on the edge of the wax. We peeled back the wax to reveal the cheese layering of firm curd on the outer edges and the soft insides. After a good deep sniff, we took our first bites. Looking at each other, we realized we were eating home made cheese, and the taste was perfect!


The cheese wasn’t sharp in any way as it’s only 4 weeks young. The best comparison of texture and flavour would be to a Friulano. Someone I work with has a fantasy involving him buying a giant wheel of cheddar and spending a weekend devouring it on his own. If you know someone like this you must bring cheese into work for him to taste. Not quite the wheel he was dreaming about, but after he made me watch him eat it, I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it as much as we did the night before.

Making cheese isn’t economical if you factor in your time (the above cost about $200), but the pleasure that comes from making and eating it, makes all the effort well worth it. Just ask Jon.

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