The cat grows older

The message below is not authored by me, nor is the idea of celebrating the birthday of such an evil little animal. Must say though, I’d miss her if she was gone. The following from my long suffering wife:

“Happy 1st birthday* Gia!
*approximate date estimated by vet
A year ago she was a hissy runt from a feral litter with a nasty eye infection.  Today, Gia is a diminutive, anti-social cat with nasty stink eye.
Aside from ice cream sandwiches and tuna juice, she also shares our passion for home grown delicacies, such as this cat grass.
This will be her first summer at our house with full run of the garden.  We have high hopes of her terrorizing the squirrels that routinely dig up our plants. She’s been perfecting her ambush technique.”
So there you have it. The cat is older.

2 thoughts on “The cat grows older

  1. Aww, I miss this little muffin more than I miss you two! (jk) Tonight I visited one of my neighbours’ cat who had kittens a month or so ago. They are theeee cuuutest! There are certainly enough cats to go around in Riyadh, but I still like yours the best!