Finished feta

This will be a short post as not much has really gone on today that was very interesting. Although to be fair, the cat was so unhappy about having her claws trimmed that she left a smelly little mess down the front of my sweater. Still not interesting, but it is a part of my day that stands out.

Forget cat turds for a moment, and let’s move onto another animal by-product: cheese.

When I got home from work today, it was time to try the feta. It has sat in the brine for 48 hours, and according to the recipe it just needed a light rinse under the tap to adjust the salinity. It was like eating cheese that was adrift in the sea for a few years. The consistency and texture was nice, and I think having rinsed it and let it soak in fresh water overnight will make it a success all around.

Two weeks from now I’ll be buying goat milk from a local farm to try producing some real feta. Stay tuned.