The truth about chicken keeping

This was posted on Backyard Chickens ( earlier today so I had to share. It’s a nice little comic strip that shows how easy it is to fall in-love with the idea of keeping hens and then the inevitable reality. Here’s a snippet but for the full strip see further below (worth the read):

I’ve had a few people ask about our hens and remark about how much they would like to keep a small flock in their backyard/townhouse complex/apartment. One simple fact seems to stop their fantasy dead in it’s tracks: You may have to mercy kill a bird. There’s no guarantee of this, but chickens can get injured or sick, and the vet bills (that’s if you can find a vet who will treat them) are outrageous considering the cost and lifespan of the bird.

Take a read of the strip ( and have a laugh and maybe think twice about getting them.

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