New books!

I just ordered two new books to add to the shelves. Ordered on Saturday night, arrived this afternoon. I have no idea how Amazon does this, but I appreciate their speed.

First off, was Edwardian Farm ( by Ruth Goodman, Alex Langlands, & Peter Ginn. This is the companion book to the television series of the same name. From a quick scan through, it looks like a comprehensive journal of their year on the Edwardian farm as well as a lot of additional material not covered in the show.

Next book was Barnyard in Your Backyard ( by Gail Damerow. A friend of mine (also a rural dreamer) recommended the book when we spent the weekend with them. I think I spent most of the weekend going through it and making a wishlist of animals and out-buildings to house them. It covers raising chickens, geese, ducks, goats, cows, rabbits and sheep. There is a huge amount of information on each animal and I purchased it as more of a quick reference guide. The illustrations are easy to follow, and all information seems to come from the author’s experience in her “Backyard Barnyard”. If you get the chance, look under “Non-contagious conditions” in ducks. Apparently drowning is classified as a non-contagious condition.

I’ll have to add more details on these books as I go through them more in-depth. Maybe I should post a reading list with reviews for those out there looking for similar literature.