Dormant Spray on the Apples & Pears (stairs)

Last year was our first in this house and we were lucky enough to find we had an apple & pear tree (not the same tree, although that would be amazing to grow papples or aears). Our first year was a complete disaster! The pear tree developed rust and we lost all of the fruit, and the apple bore a huge amount of fruit, but they had rot all through. So to stop the disease and pests, we sprayed with Green Earth Dormant Spray (bought it at Home Depot).

Once the Lime Sulphur and Horticultural Oil from the kit were mix with water, I went around the trees spraying everything I could reach. The occasional breeze helped spread the pongy mix over my face a few times, but after 20 minutes or so, both trees were good to go (as far as I can tell). Hot tip: keep your mouth closed when spraying.

Has anyone used this product? Did it work? Any tips or tricks you found?

Hopefully within a few months we’ll be able to see if the spray has done anything. We do have one more trick up our sleeves for the apple tree which we’ll post later this week.