Who made it through the winter and new starts

It’s unofficially spring here in southern Ontario. The temps have been high after our very mild winter and the plants must have heard the robin’s return. I went out this morning to sow new grass seed on our backyard which is still recovering from the above ground pool that the previous owners erected. After that, it was time to plant some trays. Seeds of choice:

I’ve actually started a little late on these two, but they’ll catch up once the really warm weather hits. The tray is happily basking in the sun until its relegated to the spare room for the night.

But those are the new plants for the year. There are some that managed the winter’s cold (well not really this year, it was nice) like the chives (which we forgot were even there as the parsley grew up and over them) and the garlic planted in October.

The garlic is under mesh as this was the second round I had to plant as the first went to my enemy the squirrel (you’ll hear me curse him a lot on here). I’m happy to share a certain portion of what we grow with the animals and insects, but when you rip things up, have a quick nibble and then repeat 60 times, to only decide that garlic isn’t really your thing while leaving a heap of wasted bulbs, I lose patience. 

Next post: a little more background on us.